Heidelberg Wallbox.
With the Heidelberg Wallbox you can charge your car safely and conveniently. These high-performance charging systems charge the battery of your hybrid and electric vehicle quickly and reliably. The installation of the Wallboxes is simple and comfortable. The Heidelberg Wallboxes are the intelligent sockets for your electric car by ensuring that it is always loaded reliably at maximum speed.
Connection to 230 Volt (single-phase) or 400 Volt (three-phase)
Plug-and-play-solution: Easy to install by a qualified electrician or an installation service
Integrated residual current detection: DC 6mA
Charging power adjustable, e. g.: 2.1 kW / 3.7 kW / 7.2 kW / 11 kW
Length of cable: 3.5m, 5m or 7.5m